The Overwhelmed Manager’s Guide to a Winning Culture

The First Two Steps

Destroy politics, bad attitudes and distrust on your team.  Stop reacting and start leading!  Leaders, watch this video now and learn the first two steps to building a Winning Culture for your team! Also, here is a link to get a discount on the book Hire on a WHIM mentioned in the video.

This Course Includes

Course Video Modules

  • Module 1: The Character and Values of a Team
  • Module 2: Defining Team Values
  • Module 3: Communicating Team Values
  • Module 4: Hiring for Team Values
  • Module 5: Coaching Team Values
  • Module 6: Firing for Team Values

Extra Downloadable Documents

  • Extra: Values Defined Examples
  • Extra: Four Ways to Lead Without Title
  • Extra: Teamwork – A Navy SEALs Definition
  • Extra: The Integrity Ripple Effect
  • Extra: Values Discussion Resources
  • Extra: Values Facilitator Questions Guide
  • Extra: The Choice – Fear, Convenience or Candor
  • Extra: Values Based Interview Guide

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